Loan Eligibility Calculator

[eligibility title1=”Check Your eligibility for loans.” title2=”How much loan you are eligible for?” currentcy=”$” text_label_input1=”Home Loan Required:” text_placeholder1=”Enter Loan Amount” text_label_input2=”Net income per month” text_placeholder2=”Excluding LTA and Medical allowances” text_label_input3=”Existing loan commitments” text_placeholder3=”(per month)” text_label_input4=”Loan Tenure” text_placeholder4=”(in years)” text_label_input5=”Rate of Interest” text_placeholder5=”9.5″ btn_text1=”Check Eligibility” btn_text2=”Reset All”]

Note: Easily change the currency unit default is U.S. dollar by your currency and change the English text by text in your language in the edit page.

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